Bryan Ma is a developer, technologist, and teacher based in New York, building interactive media for physical spaces, emerging platforms, and people.
A pottery-making simulation written with Unity and React using Leap Motion controllers, installed at Mississippi Entertainment Experience, Meridian, MI
A touchable table exhibit using object recognition with OpenCV in Python, and a custom animation pipeline in Unity, installed at Sazerac House, Nashville, TN
A multi-user branching narrative exhibit written in React and C++, using a custom Twine ingestion pipeline, installed at The International Spy Museum, Washington D.C.
An immersive film generated using Tensorflow for style transfer, installed at Mississippi Entertainment Experience, Meridian, MI
An interactive projection booth built in C++ and OpenFrameworks using a Kinect v2, installed at Johnson & Johnson Powerhouse, New Brunswick, NJ
I wrote shaders and contributed hardware expertise to build The Museum of Feelings, an award winning pop-up experience by Glade and Ogilvy Chicago
I work with custom electronics and PCBs on projects like this installation, using depth-first recursive search algorithms and the ConceptNet API
Excerpt from a generative webGL/ThreeJS and MaxMSP installation, exhibited in New York in 2017
I lead the development of experiential interactive exhibits installed at museums around the country, and create tools and process to facilitate their ideation, production, and deployment.
My work centers around the use of emerging platforms and experimental interfaces in physical exhibits, including computer vision, depth cameras, machine learning, and custom hardware.
Domains: simulations, visualizations, and games, machine learning and AI, virtual and augmented reality, graphics APIs and real-time visuals, haptic, mimetic, and experimental interfaces, spatial, multi-modal experiences
Tools: React, ES7, Node.js, Webpack, GraphQL/REST, realtime web frameworks, Unity 3D, C++11/14/17, OpenFrameworks, OpenGL, WebGL, GPU programming with GLSL/HLSL/ShaderLab, Python, OpenCV, AWS, depth cameras (Kinect 1/2, Orbec, Leap Motion), physical computing/single board computers/custom hardware
Working with: Gallagher & Associates, Parsons School of Design, The International Spy Museum, Sazerac House, The Mississippi Arts & Entertainment Experience, The Illinois Holocaust Museum, The Johnson & Johnson Powerhouse Museum, Best Friends Animal Society, Radical Media, The Creators Project, 2K Games